Sustainable Construction and Design

ISSN 2032-7471

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2010, Full Text

issue edited by Jeroen Van Wittenberghe

SCAD Journal Volume 1, Issue 1, Preface and table of contents

Design for [every]ONE: what if everyone became a potential designer

Where to go with metals research in Flanders: a splendid opportunity at campus Ardoyen

Patellofemoral contact during squat simulation on cadaveric knees

Dynamic spine simulator: design and construction

Friction welding of ceramics to metals

Magnetic pulse welding

Finite element modelling of several physical engineering problems

Interpretation of stress-strain curve in pipeline research

Wear investigation of wet clutch friction material

Fatigue behaviour of threaded couplings – experimental research

Traction and wear mechanisms during roll-slip contact

Tribological behavior of wire-EDM’ed ZrO2 composites and cemented carbides

Friction stir overlap welding of 2124 Aluminium plate

High conductive graphite additives for magnesium catalyzed cast PA6 polymer matrix

Design to connect

Weldability of micro-alloyed high-strength pipeline steels using a new friction welding variant

The effect of the different cutting tools on the micro-geometrical surface of engineering plastics

Biomechanical research of Szent István university

Machining the Zirconium-dioxide engineering ceramics

Analysis of electro-rheological fluid in hydraulic system

Inherent possibilities and limitations of finite element modelling of defective girth welds

Research of machining forces and technological features of cast PA6, POM C and UHMW-PE HD 1000

How design quirks and conditions of use conspire to structural failure: a case study

Finite element simulation of springback in TRIP 780 advanced high strength steel

The comparison of rapeseeds’ oils from hybrid and open-pollinated varieties by their heating values in the aspect of Diesel utilization

Aerodynamics of flue organ pipe voicing

Abrasive tribological testing of different hot-dip galvanized multilayers

Micro-welding technology platform

Fatigue investigation of threaded pipe connections

Evaluation of pipe bending reference stress equations

Development of the Vierendeel: calculation, aesthetics, welding, concrete

Tribological behaviour and surface quality of polymeric industrial sealing materials