Sustainable Construction and Design

ISSN 2032-7471

Volume 2, Issue 1, 2011, Full Text

issue edited by Jeroen Van Wittenberghe

SCAD Journal Volume 2, Issue 1, Preface and table of contents

Experimental and numerical investigation into effect of elevated temperature on fretting fatigue behavior

Dry sliding friction and wear response of WC-Co hardmetal pairs in linearly reciprocating and rotating contact

Characterization and modeling of friction and wear: an overview

Tribological behavior of composite-steel on rolling/sliding contacts for various loads

Height-independent topographic parameters of worn surfaces

Review and classification of fretting fatigue test rigs

Degradation of carbon reinforced epoxy composites under sliding in ambient air

Turning specialities of ZrO2 ceramics

Improved handling characteristics of off-road vehicles by applying active control of steering wheel torque

Development environment for haptic feedback device on mobile agricultural equipment

Abrasive wear of different hot-dip galvanized multilayers

Investigation of friction hysteresis using a laboratory-scale tribometer

Developing small-aircraft service and re-construction of landing-gear leg support

Machinability of engineering polymers

Roughness measurement problems in tribological testing

Effect of velocity on roll/slip for low and high load conditions in polymer composite

The symmetrical behaviour of carbon nanotubes junctions

Comparing strength properties of natural and synthetic rubber mixtures

Novel cylinder positioning system realised by using solenoid valves

Symmetry and similarity properties of 2D figures