Sustainable Construction and Design

ISSN 2032-7471

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2011, Full Text

issue edited by Jeroen Van Wittenberghe

SCAD Journal Volume 2, Issue 2, Preface and table of contents

Non destructive testing techniques for risk based inspection

Product crossing: designing connections using a product example

Increasing information feed in the process of structural steel design

Metaheuristics in architecture

A nice thing about standards

Fatigue damage identification in threaded connection of tubular structures through in-situ modal tests

Towards better finite element modelling of elastic recovery in sheet metal forming of advanced high strength steel

Development and validation of a high constraint modified boundary layer finite element model

Influence of design features on the structural integrity of threaded pipe connections

Analytical and computational estimation of patellofemoral forces in the knee under squatting and isometric motion

Design of a (mini) wide plate specimen for strain-based weld integrity assessment

Determination of granular assemblies' discrete element material parameters by modelling the standard shear test

Development of a continuum plasticity model for the commercial finite element code ABAQUS

Fluid mechanical aspects of open- and closed-toe flue organ pipe voicing

Design of crack arrestors for ultra high grade gas transmission pipelines: material selection, testing and modelling

Design of crack arrestors for ultra high grade gas transmission pipelines: simulation of crack initiation, propagation and arrest

Stability of offshore structures in shallow water depth

Design characteristics that improve the fatigue life of threaded pipe connections

On the dynamic stability of high-speed gas bearings: stability study and experimental validation