Sustainable Construction and Design

ISSN 2032-7471

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2012, Full Text

issue edited by Jeroen Van Wittenberghe

SCAD Journal Volume 3, Issue 1, Preface and table of contents

Realisation of micro-speckle patterns for digital image correlation on dental implants

Validation of a finite element model for fracture mechanics specimens

Characterization of mechanical properties in weld metal using inverse modelling

Influence and evaluation of constraint on fracture toughness in pipeline research

Justification of the mapping approach for finite element modelling of ductile tearing

Strain based design considerations for spiral welded pipelines

Evaluation and instrumentation of the drop weight tear test

Crack growth around stress concentrations in pipes and tubes

Design of a four-point bend test for ultra-low cycle fatigue of pipelines under inelastic bending

Analysis of API 5C3 failure prediction formulae for casing and tubing