Sustainable Construction and Design

ISSN 2032-7471

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2012, Full Text

issue edited by Jeroen Van Wittenberghe

SCAD Journal Volume 3, Issue 2, Preface and table of contents

Experimental analysis of the fatigue life of threaded pipe connections under cyclic bending

FEA modeling of orthogonal cutting of steel: a review

Stress update algorithm for non-associated flow metal plasticity

Design of a non-linear vibration absorber

Modal analysis and testing of rotating machines for predictive maintenance: effect of gyroscopic forces

Instability due to internal damping of rotating shafts

Multibody dynamic models in biomechanics: modelling issues and a new model

A review of the tribological performance on polymers filled with inorganic particulate fillers

A review on water lubrication of polymers

On-line and post-mortem wear measurement of static counterpart in a ball-on-disk test

Relation between the cooling time and friction results in braking tests